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January, 2022

Siqi Zheng featured by MIT Industrial Liaison Program on "The Social Cost of Air Pollution"

Professor of Urban and Real Estate Sustainability Siqi Zheng and her Sustainable Urbanization Lab are quantifying how air pollution and other local environmental hazards, such as high temperatures, negatively affect subjective well-being.

On the Canal

June, 2021

Siqi Zheng’s team awarded MIT Portugal Program 2021-2022 seed grant

The project is entitled, “Climate Risk Perception and Its Impacts on Location Attractiveness and Real Estate Asset Value in Portugal: A Computational Approach Using Social Media, Survey, and GIS Data"

Sky Scrapers

June, 2021

SUL research “Clean Air as an Experience Good” on NPR

Siqi Zheng was interviewed by NPR about this study with Matt Kahn and Weizeng Sun, “Clean Air as an Experience Good”.

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January, 2021

SUL and CRE's new course: Sustainable Real Estate: Economics and Business (11. s965)

Siqi Zheng, Zhengzhen Tan, and Juan Palacios are excited to introduce this new course this Spring 2021. The course is designed to provide students with deep insights into the tension and synergy between sustainability and the real estate industry. Please email the teaching team at sre-cre@mit.edu if you are interested in learning more about this subject.


January, 2021

SUL Tech Talk Series, Fridays Jan 15-Feb 5

4 Tech Talks during IAP will be offered by SUL researchers every Friday starting Jan 15th. The talks will cover relevant applications of NLP in social science research, data visualization for urban studies, and recent technology advances in the fight against COVID-19. Please join us and register here: https://forms.gle/ZuVx6MWLN8RwViteA  


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January, 2021

Prof. Siqi Zheng featured in the recent edition of “Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine”

Prof. Siqi Zheng, the faculty director of MIT Center for Real Estate and Sustainable Urbanization Lab, was featured in the “On The Move” section in the recent edition of “Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine”. 



November, 2020

SUL research on industrial parks is on MIT News.

When playing favorites can hurt growth. In recent decades China has built over 1,400 large industrial parks, a massive investment accounting for over 40 percent of the country’s manufacturing jobs. However, some of these projects are more successful than others. Now, a study co-authored by an MIT professor suggests that some industrial parks appear to have been developed due to networks of political ties — and those parks distinctly underperform their counterparts.



October, 2020

SUL research "Clean Air as an Experience Good in Urban China" on VoxChina

If clean air is a valued experience good, then the short-term reduction in pollution in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 shutdown could have persistent medium-term effects on reducing urban pollution levels as cities adopt new “blue sky” regulations to maintain recent pollution progress. 


October, 2020

Prof. Siqi Zheng Joined World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Clean Air

The Global Future Council will drive thought leadership and inform cutting-edge solutions; look for opportunities for innovating, shaping and scaling collective progress; and support the World Economic Forum in building a concerted multistakeholder action agenda on ambient air pollution. 

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August, 2020

Shared Micro-mobility: Building Healthy and Sustainable Mobility Wisdom

Shared Micro-mobility online seminar plus a CFP for special issue sponsored by Transportation Research Part D

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July, 2020

COVID-19 & Cities: COVID-19’s Impact on our Urban Well-being

Watch recording of COVID-19 & Cities, organized by SUL, as part of CRE Summer Seminar Series


June, 2020

Toward Economic Economic Vibrancy: Patterns and Practices in Asia's New Cities

New book edited by Siqi Zheng and Zhengzhen Tan released this June by
MIT SA+P Press

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June, 2020

How do weather extremes impact our sentiment?

Jianghao Wang and Siqi Zheng's newest article for One Earth

Image by Feliphe Schiarolli.webp

February, 2020

Indoor environmental quality and learning outcomes

SUL researcher Juan Palacios's newest paper in British Medical Journal


January, 2020

The Impact of Housing Conditions on Health Outcomes

Real Estate Economics

15.s23 poster-01.jpg

February, 2020

MIT's New Subject on China's Growth: Political Economy, Business and Urbanization

First class: March 31st, 2020

Image by Ryan Jacobson

February, 2020

(Postponed) MIT China Seminar by Matt Kahn


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February, 2020

2020 Economic Approach in Urban Sustainability Studies Award

Deadline to Apply April 15, 2020

IACP is pleased to announce the Competition.

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January, 2020

SUL Zhengzhou: design research and evidence-based green transportation plans



January, 2020

Examining Global Sustainable Urbanization

From “China Future Cities” to “Sustainable Urbanization”


December, 2019

The Role of Transportation Speed in Facilitating High Skilled Teamwork Across Cities

Journal of Urban Economics


January, 2019

In China, a link between happiness and air quality

MIT News, 2019


December, 2018

Zhengzhou: China's living laboratory for urbanization

A new MIT program in the planned Chinese city offers opportunities for observation and collaboration.

MIT News, 2018


November, 2018

​MIT hosts China Summit, additional gatherings in Beijing

MIT faculty, leadership, alumni, and Corporation members engage with old and new friends of the Institute.

MIT News, 2018

2018521 CFC Lab industry partner demo da

May, 2018

China Venture Workshop announces the first cohort

Ten teams will collaborate with local partners, pilot solutions to urban challenges.

MIT News, 2018


February, 2018

New connector helps faculty, student startups launch in China

The new connector helps faculty, students, and alumni launch startups in China.

MIT News, 2018


September, 2017

MIT and Tsinghua University sign urban innovation agreement

Future City Innovation Connector to support projects addressing rapid growth of Chinese cities.

MIT News, 2017


July, 2018

The City is Her Lab

Siqi Zheng studies the economics of China’s urban explosion

MIT News, 2018