Toward Urban Economic Vibrancy

Patterns and Practices in Asia's New Cities

JUNE 2020 Book Release


Editors: Siqi Zheng and Zhengzhen Tan

Asia has experienced a dramatic urbanization process over the past few decades. The rapid urbanization trend has reshaped Asian economies as cities generate agglomeration economies; enabling workers and firms to interact in close physical proximity; allowing specialization and nurturing entrepreneurship.


Urbanized Asia has become a global powerhouse, generating more than one third of the world’s total GDP. One significant urbanization trend across Asia is the widespread prevalence of “new planned cities, where public and private sector collaborate to generate growth engine for the economy.


What are the success factors driving new cities economic vibrancy?

What’s the role of digital urban system in enhancing urban vibrancy?

What’s the mechanism of public and private partnership in new city making?

What’s the important yet understudied relationship between market mechanism and non-market forces such as public policy and regulations?