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MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper Series

Predicting urban growth with machine learning

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MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper Series

Market Adoption of Healthy Buildings in the Office Sector: A Global Study from the Owner’s Perspective

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MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper Series

Subway Expansion, Jobs Accessibility and Home Value Appreciation in Four Global Cities: Considering Both Local and Network Effects

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MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper Series

Roads, Transit, and the Denseness of São Paulo's Urban Development"







Matthew E Kahn, Weizeng Sun, Siqi Zheng

National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, 


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Yuji Yoshimura, Paolo Santi, Juan Murillo Arias, Siqi Zheng, Carlo Ratti

Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, September, 2399808320954210.


Kahn, Matthew E., Weizeng Sun, Jianfeng Wu, and Siqi Zheng

Journal of Urban Economics, October, 103289.

Do Political Connections Help or Hinder Urban Economic Growth? Evidence from 1,400 Industrial Parks in China.

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Dongxiao Niu, Weizeng Sun, Siqi Zheng

MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper, 07


Siqi Zheng, Jianghao Wang, Lei Dong.

Habitat International: 102290


Xiaoyang Guo, Wenzeng Sun, Shuyang Yao, Siqi Zheng

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 89 (December): 102616.


Siqi Zheng

in Chinese Cities in the 21st Century, edited by Youqin Huang, 255–72

Environmental Sustainability in Urban China


Wenjie Wu, Siqi Zheng, Bing Wang, Minzhe Du

Transport Reviews 40 (5): 629–45.


Xiaofang Dong, Siqi Zheng, Matthew E Kahn

.Journal of Urban Economics 115 (January): 103212.

The role of transportation speed in facilitating high skilled teamwork across cities


Cities  96 (January): 102449.

Do affordable housing programs facilitate migrants' social integration in Chinese cities?


Binzhe Wang, Siqi Zheng.

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 89 (December): 102616.

Air Pollution Lowers Travel Demand in a Consumer City

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Guochen Zhai, Baian Chen.

China Real Estate 2020(24)

The Promising Prospect of Developing REITs in the Aftermath of Negative Public

Event in China (in Chinese)

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Palacios, Juan, Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok. 

PloS One 15 (8): e0236029.

Moving to productivity: The benefits of healthy buildings



Hui Deng, Weizeng Sun, Wingshan Yip, Siqi Zheng.

Journal of Environmental Management 275 (August): 111224.

Household Income Inequality Aggravates High-Temperature Exposure Inequality in Urban China


Jianghao Wang, Nick Obradovich, Siqi Zheng.

One Earth 2 (6): 568–77.

A 43-Million-Person Investigation into Weather and Expressed Sentiment in a Changing Climate


Juan Palacios, Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok, Erdal Aydin.

The Impact of Housing Conditions on Health Outcomes

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​Juan Palacios Temprano, Piet Eichholtz, Maartje Willeboordse, Nils Kok.

Indoor Environmental Quality and Learning Outcomes: Protocol on Large-Scale Sensor Deployment in Schools.


Siqi Zheng, Liaoliao Duan, Weizeng Sun.

Habitat International, January, 102105.