Clean Air and Green Travel 

Spring 2020

instructor: Siqi Zheng, Jianghao Wang,

Fábio Duarte

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Urban China Research Seminar 

Fall 2019

instructor: Siqi Zheng


15.s23/15.s41 / 11.s188/11.s954

China’s Growth: Political Economy, Business and Urbanization 

Spring 2020 H4

instructor: Yasheng Huang, Siqi Zheng, Zhengzhen Tan

11.006/ 11.366/ 15.2371/ 15.237

China's Urbanization, Digital Technology, and Innovation Market 

IAP + Spring 2020

instructor: Zhengzhen Tan, John Grant,

Yasheng Huang

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SUL Tech Talks


Four IAP SUL Tech Talks cover relevant applications of NLP in social science research, data visualization for urban studies, and recent technology advances in the fight against COVID-19.

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