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Green Cities Practice 

  • MIT Sustainable Urbanization Practicum (11.S944)

  • Climate change on subjective well-being




Economics of New Cities

City Growth and Real Estate Price Dynamics

Responses to Emerging Industries and Transportation Connectivity​

Subway Network & Urban Vibrancy

Explores the impact of rail transit investment in the amenity mix, real estate prices, and other urban vibrancy aspects of cities. We analyze data from Beijing, São Paulo, New York, Santiago, and Madrid.

High Speed Rail, Air Travel and  Connected-Cities


Digital Innovation and Transformation in Real Estate Industry



Senior Researchers

Siqi Zheng

Faculty Director and PI

Zhengzhen Tan

Executive Director

Jianghao Wang

Research Scientist

Juan Palacios

Post-doctoral Researcher

Simon Buechler

Post-doc associate, PhD in Real Estate Economics

Weizeng Sun

Research Fellow and Affiliate

Adriano Borges Costa

Post-doctoral Researcher

Lindsey Goodwin

Lindsey Goodwin

Program Assistant

Student Researchers

Yichun Fan

Ph.D. Student

Binzhe Wang

Ph.D. Student

Dongxiao Niu

Visiting Ph.D. Student

Matías Williams

Master of City Planning

Camila Ramos Yanez

Master of City Planning

Kristopher Steele

Master of City Planning, Master or MSRED

Nicolas Jeanrenaud

Graduate Researcher


Tabea Sonneschein

Visiting Student

Guochen Zhai

Innovation Fellow

Colleen Chiu-Shee

Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Studies and Planning

Ruichen Ni

Master of City Planning, Real Estate Development

James Shen

Principal, People’s Architecture Office


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